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Yap is a lush tropical island located just 9 degrees north of the equator. Unlike many South Pacific islands, Yap is an uplifted portion of the Asian Continental Shelf. It is surrounded by a broad shallow lagoon and nearly 90 miles of barrier reef. 

The Climate in Yap is tropical - hot and humid. Average year-round temperature is 80 F and 27 C. North-east tradewinds blow from November to May resulting in less rain and lower humidity during these months.

Yap is famous for it's large populations of resident Manta Rays. Diving in the waters of Yap is a dive to see the Mantas, not a dive with a chance to see a Manta Ray. But let's not stop there, Yap offers caverns, reefs, walls and many species of marine creatures that are rare in some parts of the world, but plentiful here. Divers are always amazed by the playful clownfish and the anemones that create their playground.

The all Diver staff at Ultimate Dive Travel are experts on the diving in Yap. We personally inspect and dive each and every destination that we represent. In addition to making your resort and diving reservations we can  help you plan day tours, book your domestic and international flights, and set up your land transfers. Sit back and relax, while we do all the legwork.



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